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sh!thawks...on parade: so shes a nun? i thought she was a lesbian?

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so for my sociology class we had a mock focus group and i was in it and our prof changed the subject to "what do canadian undergrads know about gun control" and i laughed. and i am the only person in the class of about 40 to have ever owned/fired/held one. and then i got asked "hey what does it feel like to own/fire/hold one?" but they all did agree that i did not wear flannel nor did i have a mullet.

so then when we had a break at around 7:30 i went down to the timmy's on the side of harbour center for a large double double and an everything bagel with herb and garlic cream cheese because that is THE greatest bagel combo to ever exist EVER.

and then while i was in line to get my everything bagel with herb and garlic cream cheese that is the greatest bagel combo to ever exist ever the door FLIES open and these girls start to march in.
and all these girls are in halloween costumes
and all their costumes are skanky versions of skanky costumes.
there was about twenty of them.
and they had all upped the skank factor about 40 kiloFruits.

if you dont know what a kiloFruit is too goddamn bad for you.

so theyre all drunk and in skanky costumes and twirling around trying to warm up their thongs or something and making a lot of noise and having almost no shame at all leaving the rest of us in line to just kind of stand there and do a collective "um...ok...?"

and then they all went and stood outside.

and i took the door out that would not lead me directly past them so i would not have to listen to them any second longer than needed.

and i make it about two steps up the street and they all started walking the same way.

and then.

then they all started singing


and youd hope that they would know the whole song.



and i almost turned around to tell them to shut the fuck up because no one likes Panic at the Shitsco and by no one i mean me because it's possibly the champion of all shitty fucking whiny pathetic emo rock wannabe songs.

so i walked faster and hoped they wouldnt notice me and yell at me to slow down or something as large groups of drunk skank costumed skanky looking drunk girls may or may not do i dont know.

and then i made it back to class and no sooner had i put my coffee and bagel down than class started again and we had to pair up and i ended up at the back of the class having left my coffee and bagel two rows down and i sat there for a good fourty minutes just watching it and thinking how sad it was that it was getting colder by the minute and i hadnt even taken more than two sips.

and by the time class ended it was less than lukewarm and i was sad because cold timmy's coffee is probly one of the grossest things ever and you cant eat the bagels after they cool down cause they get all hard and stale.

woe for my timmys. WOE!!! WOOOOE!!!

are you woe-ing yet?

so shes a nun? i thought she was a lesbian?


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