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a title change has been made. to what you ask? to that which has been occupying me for months. fuck off, i can be obtuse if i want. i figured maybe i'd be more motivated to work on my thesis if i gave it a better title. so i did. i think it's clever so i don't care if you dont cause you aren't writing it so there. nyah.

new title: Curing What Ails You: How Policies for Nurses can Improve Health Care Delivery in Bangladesh.

see? much cooler than before.

it's very give and take this whole thesis writing business. you give it another chunk of words, you take a chunk away. you give another chunk, you sit there and think, shit that other chunk in that other section needs fixing now, so you take out another chunk. but slowly, sloooowly, the word count increases. i can probably get up to about 6500 words today and tomorrow just fuckin give'r.

i've been in Vancouver for five years, but i think growing up in alberta and spending 20 odd winters in cold and snow still means my body thinks it's strange that it's not cold and snowy out right now. i was thinking that on the skytrain on my way home after class today. basically i have one class left in the semester and then it's one more semester to go. it's not like im super buried with work since i do have that tendency to go nuts on stuff early to get it done, but today was one of those days where you have that sudden realization of "oh shit...."

had me a few of those, but you never really see them coming do you?

my trial of iWork '08 is up so i had to go back to powerpoint for my Cities presentation this morning. im not spending $80 on a license when one of the people in my class offered me a key for it off a family pack. now if she'd just show up to class... i was a bit disappointed at having to do this cause Keynote rules and everyone in the class was mucho impressed with it for my last two presentations. i was more disappointed cause it's easy to set a soundtrack to an entire presentation in Keynote and annoying as hell in powerpoint and since im doing my paper on noise pollution i wanted to put Rock n Roll Aint Noise Pollution as the background music but couldnt. i could have turned it on in iTunes of course and just run the powerpoint slides, but that's one step too many for simplicity's sake. or i was lazy. either one will do fine. either way i pulled it off fine.

i told my mom the very short list of things i would like for christmas. i should have added a bottle of scotch.

here's how my mind works in weird ways when i have things to do. i sit down, work on thesis while doing laundry, come back to work on thesis, laundry is done, hang half of it, write a bit more, then stop to blog about how i changed the title and mention how i still have half a pile of clean laundry waiting to be folded or hung up.

up like a balloon


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