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sh!thawks...on parade: what's in that cereal besides dry twigs and small animal bones

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comment I received on a past post today:

Hello blogger,
you're probably surprised to get any comments well i was bored and googled 'a video of a dog pooping on a baby'. Since you don't have such a video.. well quite frnakly i'm disappointed, but i'm also a little confused as to why you even have that written at the bottom of a totally random blog. anyway the reason i googled that was 'cause of a tv show called 'how i met your mother', it's awesome (not a reality show-it's a sitcom with heart, like sitcom 3.0). it happens to be hilarious and in one episode one of the characters finds a video of a dog -you guessed it- pooping on a baby. the vid wasn't showned but it sounded funny and i was curious as to it's existance, so far the search is disappointing and the number of youtube video's of dog pooping is really surprising.
given the amount of post titles i pull out of HIMYM and the relative frequency with which I mention it I can only surmise that this person is a relative newcomer to watching that show since the episode in which this occurs was debuted last year. im still surprised how many hits i get from people who still try to google that video. except most people figured out it didn't exist like two days after the episode was on.

i saw one of the freakiest looking trannies ever today waiting for the seabus. ok, picture David St. Hubbins from Spinal Tap except with a bigger nose and an anorexic prostitute body. yeah.

i put up smore more pictures from the reception and the post wedding BBQ here.

what's in that cereal besides dry twigs and small animal bones


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