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yesterday ally asked me how you deal with coming back home after you move away. i said it gets different every time. you get used to it.

somewhere between watching Sin City and looking through all my pictures in iPhoto i started to wonder how many times are left before that first christmas i dont spend at home. im not really sure why. it was just one of those things where you find your mind wandering and suddenly it latches on to this single thought that lasts only a few seconds, but makes you pause for what seems like hours until you've mulled it over and held it in your mind's eye trying to take it in from every angle. and then it goes away and you're left with an empty shell of a thought, but remember it enough to still be able to remember it for days to come.

im glad to be here for a break from school, but im really starting to miss the familiarity of vancouver and every one there. by january the place im living now will be the place ive lived the longest stretch of time of any one place ive lived in the last five years. and thats going to be just starting the ninth month. that makes it sound like im a nomad or something.

stop being sick and tell toys r us to stop making slaves out of you.

on a side note, you know at the start of fight club when he goes to the hospital to ask the doctor for something to make him sleep and the doctor tells him to chew some valerian root and get more exercise? yeah, well, they fail to mention that valerian smells like someone shit in a used gym sock.

over by the fence somewhere


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