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september 10 is going to be a good day for my larger part of an inner geek to celebrate and do a happy dance. why, you might ask? well, alow me to inform you of the awesomeness of said aforementioned day.
you see, on that day not only does the third installment of the Marvel Dark Tower series come out, but the new addition to the King/Marvel universe comes out with The Stand. im almost tempted to see if GoldenAge is doing the midnight release. if not, im so pre-ordering those. or at least going in early in the morning to make sure i get copies. screw that crap about only getting the 2nd printing variants. originals is what the people want!
class starts on tuesday. sort of. we get to orient the new people. last year people thought i had my camera with me a lot and that was a point and shoot. yeah. they're gonna groan audibly when i put down an entire camera bag full of lenses. wikid.
i still dont think im back to a regular sleeping pattern. gotta work on that.

but it wasn't a lobster...rock...


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